ongRiver Entertainment Group grew out of more than 30 years of marketing and

          advertising experience. Marketing services at LongRiver Entertainment Group cover the full range from simple strategies, planning and budgeting to brand development/repositioning, and new product introduction. The professionals at LongRiver have more than 30 years experience with local, regional, national and international clients.


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Our Marketing Philosophy is quite simple:

1. Experience counts, use all you can get.

2. Listen to your customers, they make the ultimate buying decision.

3. You don't have to make it too complicated, after all, it's about buying and selling.

4. Use a classical marketing model if it fits, if not, use lots of imagination and instinct.

5. Our clients know their business better than we do, so a partnership with lots of

cooperation always makes marketing programs successful.

6. Hard work produces results, and marketing is all about measurable results.


LongRiver Entertainment Group • Office: 107 S Front St.  Suite 43 • Memphis, TN 38103

901.335.8841 • David Simmons, President - Chief Manager • david@longriver.net


Main Gallery • 1523 Union Avenue • Midtown Memphis